Price $145,000 no GST
Aircraft Type: CESSNA 182F
Year: 1962
Total Time: 13,150
EHTR : 270 SOH P Pronk 260 HP conversion
PHTR : 3 Blade Hartzell 145 SOH due 21/10 24
COM 1 : Narco com 11A
COM 2 : Narco Com 11A
ADF 1 : Narco 31
XPonder 1 : Narco AT 150 mode C
GPS 1: Garmin 100
Fuel Total : 312 Lt
Exterior : White/Brown
Interior : Seats and carpet retrimmed

This is one of the rare 182's with the 260HP P Pronk conversion - fitted with a Parachute Door and Speed Brakes making it an ideal Parachute aircraft "former life" - fresh 100 hourly just done and new JPI engine monitor installed. Electronics Internation engine monitor also fitted - Electronic tach - new pilot seat rails - seats and carpet retrimmed. 3 Blade Hartzell Scimitar Prop fitted.

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